Abbellimenti is a brand born out of an obsession for fun earrings. 

What does Abbellimenti mean?

Abbellimenti is a musical term which refers to embellishments or ornaments in music. I believe this can be applied to life as well, and that is what I am hoping to provide you with: ornaments for you and your home!

Who am I?


Where am I located?

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Why earrings?

Why not?!?? I have always had an obsession with funky earrings, so started making them for fun. Life's too short to wear boring earrings! 

What's my day job?

Accountant... hence the need for this creative escape!

If you have any suggestions or requests for earring styles or homeware ideas please email me at: info@abbellimenti.com as I would love your feedback and ideas!